1. Wash your hands before and after playing with slime. Also clean the surface where you are going to play with slime.

  2. To make slime activation, fully dissolve the included baggie of 1tsp Borax powder in 1 cup of water. Store the solution in a container for future use. To be safe please label your container with Borax or DO NOT DRINK.

  3. Test your slime with 1 finger. If it is sticky, add activator to your hands or directly to the slime, add several drops at a time. You will need to re-activate your slime from time-to-time when it gets sticky again. In warmer weather, you will need to re-activate more often.

  4. Note that is the temperature is too cold, slime tends to feel tough/hard. Let it get to room temperature before playing or warm it up with your hands.

  5. After playing, immediately store the slime back in it's airtight container.

  6. If your slime becomes hard, tough, or rips easily: A) for white glue slime, add lotion or baby oil to soften. B) for clear glue slime, leave it alone for time in warm temperature or in sunlight.

  7. It is normal for slime to shrink over time due to loosing moisture, sticking to hands / surface while playing, etc. If the slime seems dried out, you can try kneading in some water and / or lotion to revive slime.

  8. Keep the slime out of reach from small children and pets. Store in a cool / dry locations.

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  • Slime by Sophie